Boardvisory works at the intersection of Corporate Governance and behavioural competencies of Board Directors to be effective in the Boardroom

Boardvisory offers services that support Boards of Directors to operate more efficiently by addressing both the structural aspects of Corporate Governance and the interpersonal skills and behaviours of individual Board Directors.

Governance Frameworks typically involve the structures, processes, and policies that guide an organisation’s decision-making and oversight. Behavioural competencies refer to the skills, qualities, and behaviours that Board Directors bring to the Boardroom.

By working at the intersection of these two critical aspects, Boardvisory focuses on a holistic approach to Board effectiveness. This approach recognises that effective Governance is not only about having the right structures in place but also Board Directors with the skills and behaviours to effectively navigate Boardroom discussions.

The name Boardvisory is a portmanteau which symbolises the integration of visionary Board Leadership

Boards of the future will prioritise Board Directors capable of unlearning and relearning behavioural competencies, resulting in ethical and effective decision-making in the Boardroom

Boardvisory’s Director-Shift™ Framework empowers Boards to reassess their effectiveness as a Board and unlock exceptional performance

Boardvisory’s niche framework has been designed by experienced Board Directors, who have in-depth knowledge of the unique demands of Boards and Board Director responsibilities.

How Boardvisory makes a difference:

Our Board Retreats offer an immersive and customized experience for both Executive and Non-Executive Directors, promoting collaboration and fortifying Board leadership against the backdrop of a captivating retreat setting.

A Board Retreat stands out as an invaluable opportunity for Directors to delve deeply into the subtle intricacies of behavioural dynamics within the Boardroom. Unlike the structured confines of routine Board meetings, a Board Retreat serves as a catalyst for fostering open and candid dialogue among Directors. It goes beyond the formalities, creating an environment that encourages the unveiling of individual strengths, diverse communication styles, and collaborative competencies.

This extended and immersive interaction is pivotal in allowing a comprehensive exploration of each Director’s unique perspectives. By dedicating time beyond the usual meeting constraints, the retreat facilitates a deeper understanding of the personal and professional attributes that each Director brings to the table. This not only enriches the overall fabric of Board Leadership but also lays the foundation for building a strong foundation of trust among Board members.

A Board Retreat becomes a forum for Directors, both Executive and Non-Executive, to engage in shared activities and discussions. These collaborative endeavours provide valuable insights into the decision-making processes and the intricate interpersonal dynamics that shape Board interactions. As Directors immerse themselves in these shared experiences, they not only strengthen their individual and collective competencies but also contribute to the cultivation of a cohesive and resilient leadership team that is well-equipped to navigate the complexities of organisational governance.

Boardvisory’s Board Simulations offer a fully engaging encounter where participants engage in interactive sessions under the guidance of an experienced Board Chair. Supported by seasoned Board Coaches and Mentors, this experience unfolds in a secure and encouraging environment.

Participants gain practical insights into authentic Boardroom situations, including the dynamics of decision-making, conflict resolution, and the formulation of strategic approaches. The Boardvisory Boardroom Simulations provide a safe space for participants to observe the behavioural dynamics of other participants in the Boardroom, and to be curious about their own responses in the Boardroom. 

Immediate feedback is provided to participants, as this facilitates a continuous learning process and enables participants to deepen their awareness of self, as well as their Board competencies and skills.

The Board of Directors functions as a leadership team with the power to influence an organisation’s trajectory—whether it faces challenges, merely survives, or achieves thriving success. The future Boardroom requires a continual adaptation of skills and behaviours. Boardvisory offers consulting services to Boards to develop tailored strategies for more effective governance.

Navigating the behavioural dynamics of Board Leadership necessitates a continuous process of learning, unlearning, and relearning Board competencies. These include conflict resolution, effective communication, independent thinking, intellectual curiosity, and self-awareness, among others. Within the Boardroom, a Board Coach plays a crucial role by offering guidance and support to individual Directors or the entire Board.

Board Mentoring is a structured and collaborative partnership between an experienced mentor and a Board Director, usually someone newer to the role or seeking professional development. The primary goal of this mentorship is to enrich the skills, knowledge, and effectiveness of the Board Director, ultimately contributing to the overall success of the Board.

'Board Directors who can seamlessly blend their functional and personal competencies enhance their decision-making prowess in the Boardroom.'

Joy-Marie Lawrence

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