Achieving successful boardroom decision-making that benefits people, profits and the planet.


Introducing Boardvisory

Boardvisory is a dynamic, highly motivated consultancy, creating transformative value for boards and stakeholders.

Our approach is flexible and entrepreneurial. Boardvisory invests in boardroom coaching which nurtures the true potential of Directors and Executives to achieve decision making that benefits people, profits and the planet.

We are committed to having courageous conversations in the boardroom and have the advantage of having people with boardroom experience as well as coaching experience of the boardroom.


Boardvisory enables board directors and legal professionals, to have more meaningful conversations and make positive decisions for people, profits and planet.

Our niche Boardvisory boardroom coaching framework uses experienced directors, who recognize the unique demands of board directors’ duties and boardroom relationships.

Boardvisory coaching maximises personal and professional development through non-judgemental observations, reflection and exploring fresh options.


The culture of the board critically influences the tone, transparency and accountability of   how the executives engage with the board and also the within the organisation.

Board directors spend a significant amount of their time in boardrooms and need the requisite intellectual curiosity, self-awareness, passion and competencies to achieve the organisation’s strategy. There is evidence that dysfunctional boards, and negligent, incompetent board directors have negatively impacted organisations’ performance. 

The boardroom culture of the future requires an evolving set of skills and behaviours for board directors. Are you ready?


Women make up 51% of the South African population*, but only 20,7% of directors of JSE-listed companies are female**.

Boardvisory recognises the gender inequality in the boardroom and in leadership roles in South Africa.

We want to make a difference, in supporting, mentoring, coaching women to take their seat in the boardroom.

*Statistics South Africa. (2019: v). Mid-year population estimates, July 2019.
**BWASA (2017: 11). BWASA South African Women in Leadership Census.


Keenly priced, cost-effective boardroom and legal coaching from Boardvisory achieves positive progress in short sessions that fit around your schedule.