Boardvisory’s purpose is to cultivate courageous conversations that enable effective boardroom decision-making.

Boardvisory is a team of specialists in board-specific professional services, particularly Boardroom Coaching and Boardroom Consulting.

Our company exists to help aspirant and established board directors to cultivate the competencies needed for better boards and exceptional boardroom decision-making.

Competent board directors integrate their functional capabilities with their personal attributes – as well as intellectual curiosity, self-awareness, and passion – to enable effective decision-making that benefits profits, people and the planet. And the boardroom of the future requires an evolving set of skills and behaviours.

Understanding which competencies are needed for the Boardroom and how to use them effectively in the Boardroom is critical to your development as a Board Director.

What competent Board Directors are able to do is, effectively integrate their functional competencies with their personal competencies in decision-making in the Boardroom.

Why would a board need assistance from Boardvisory?

  • A board of directors is a leadership team whose effectiveness, culture, and modes of operation can cause an organisation to struggle, survive, or succeed.
  • Board directors’ character, life experience, biases, beliefs, emotional intelligence and cultural sensitivities are additional elements at play in the boardroom.
  • Dysfunctional boards and negligent or inadequate directors can prejudice an organisations’ performance.
  • The new world brings with it new variables and considerations, including diversity, equality & inclusion (DE&I); data privacy; shareholder activism; cybersecurity; intellectual property; machine learning; and AI.

Boardvisory team are all experienced Board Directors and coaches who recognise the unique demands of Board Directors’ duties and the competencies needed for the Boardroom.

Leading from the Boardroom

Using an approach that is flexible and entrepreneurial, Boardvisory’s team has extensive boardroom experience – as well as coaching experience in the boardroom.

Our niche framework has been designed by experienced board directors, who recognise the unique demands of board directors’ duties and relationships. This is how we are able to create transformative value for boards and stakeholders.

The Boardroom of the future requires an evolving set of competencies and behaviours for board directors.

Boardvisory is a proudly B-BBEE Level 1 (100% Black female-owned with 135% B-BBEE Procurement Recognition) Exempt Micro Enterprise (EME).

Boardroom Coaching is different to Executive Coaching

Boardroom coaching is a niche offering by skilled and qualified professionals with experience in Board governance and proven competence in coaching.

A Boardroom coach has a professional qualification of coaching and has passed a globally recognised coach knowledge assessment and has demonstrated competence in coaching. A Boardroom coach also has a professional qualification or certification from an internationally recognised governance body.

Boardroom coaching is a type of coaching practice regulated by professional bodies with codes of ethics.

Boardroom Services

Boardvisory Support the SDG Goal 5 of Achieving gender equality

Boardvisory as a women-owned business in the corporate governance arena advocates strongly for the inclusion of women on corporate, public and non-profit boards. Not only does this support SDG 5 but it also improves company performance as evidenced by the following research findings:

“The empirical evidence is also consistent with the 2030 Sustainable Agenda adopted by the UN and confirms that a full and effective presence of women on BoD is an important trigger for corporate governance mechanisms able to influence value creation processes and, more specifically, firm sustainability performance”

Boardvisory supports women in their journey to the boardroom by hosting workshops, coaching aspiring women directors and mentoring women.

Contact Boardvisory if your company is interest in achieving Target 5.C Adopt and strengthen sound policies and enforceable legislation for the promotion of gender equality and the empowerment of all women and girls at all levels.