Attend a Board Simulation

 Invest in your boardroom journey!

Boardvisory's Board Simulations are practical and highly effective experiential learning sessions

How does the process work?

Fill in an application form and indicate dates, that you are available to attend a Board Simulation.

Watch the 20 min Boardvisory video on how to prepare for a Board meeting.

Read the Board pack (approx. 2 hours) and prepare, as you shall be, interacting with the Chair, CEO and fellow board members.

Attend the Board meeting Simulation, which takes about 1.5 hours

After the Board meeting

Board participants receive an in-depth one-to-one feedback session or 1 hour focusing on  their contribution to the Board simulation and practical tips on navigating the Board pack and Boardroom dynamics from a professional Board Coach.

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Dates a Board Simulation will take place

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Special Board Meeting dates:

  • 26 May 09h00 – 11h30 (SAST)
  • 26 May 17h00 – 19h30 (SAST)
  • 18 August 09h00-11h30 (SAST)
  • 18 August 17h00 – 19h30 (SAST)

The Special Board meeting is an abbreviated meeting to resolve a number of strategic issues within a limited timeframe.  It provides an introduction to the pressures of Boardroom decision-making while striving to maintain a healthy relationship between Management and the Board.

Audit & Risk Committee Simulation dates:

  • 9 June 09h00 – 11h30 (SAST)
  • 9 June 17h00 – 19h30 (SAST)

The Audit & Risk committee meeting entails resolving the tension between audit compliance and its unintended consequences.  Within the time available, the committee needs to balance operational autonomy with prudent risk management and make a considered recommendation for Board approval.

Social & Ethics Committee Simulation

  • 4 August 09h00 – 11h30 (SAST)
  • 4 August 17h00 – 19h30 (SAST)

The Social & Ethics committee meeting provides an opportunity to confront challenges to an organization’s stated values from influential stakeholders and individuals whose interests are not aligned with these values.  Within the limited time available, the committee needs to recommend a holistic response to a thorny dilemma and provide guidance to the Board on the way forward.

Cost of participating in a Board Simulation

ZAR 4,350 / $290 USD, payable only upon application approval

And in return, you receive

  • Guidance on the Boardroom process and preparation for the experience (approx. 2.5 hours)
  • An opportunity to partake in an in-depth Boardroom Simulation (approx. 1.5 hours)
  • A one-hour one-to-one feedback session with a seasoned Boardroom Coach (1 hour)
  • Increased knowledge and confidence in your boardroom capabilities,  awareness of developmental areas, and positive progress in your boardroom journey

Invest in your boardroom journey!