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Are you curious why some board meetings are effective and other times not, or why the behaviours of some board directors influences their decision-making abilities?

Board appraisals are both important and a good governance practice to determine the effectiveness of the Board. However, Board coaching builds on the appraisal to support the Board and its directors by getting underneath “the skin” to understand the dynamics, relationships and future development needs of the Board. Curious?

The outcome of Board Coaching is an experiential action and reflective learning engagement which transforms boardroom dynamics, with measurable impact on profits, people and the planet.

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Your functional skills, areas of expertise and technical skills as a board director are critical, but we cannot ignore that you also bring yourself – your character, life experience, perspectives and biases – into the boardroom. Consequently, navigating the conversations in the boardroom, and making decisions that are in the best interests of the company, requires a high level of self-awareness.

Boardvisory Board Director Coaching helps you develop a conscious awareness of integrating your competencies with your character and leadership style in decision-making and helping ensure you are ready for the future.

The outcome of Board Director Coaching is an experiential action and reflective learning engagement, that transforms your ability to navigate the complexities of the boardroom.

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Women make up 51% of the South African population*, but only 20,7% of directors of JSE-listed companies are female**.

The IODSA June 2020 research report titled: “IODSA NED nomination process research report – insights into the recruitment, selection and appointment process of non-executive directors” noted “ with a high propensity of companies using their internal networks to source NEDS and the prevalence of the ‘old boys’ network (as specifically mentioned by respondents), a barrier to entry is created for new NEDS, regardless of their skills and potential to add value to governance structures.”

There are many barriers to entry in the boardroom for women. Boardvisory offers support through mentoring and coaching of women for the boardroom.

If you are keen on being part of the Boardvisory woman on boards mentorship programme.

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If you are an aspiring, new, or seasoned Women Director and curious about navigating the conversations in the Boardroom, consider Boardroom Coaching for women.

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*Statistics South Africa. (2019: v). Mid-year population estimates, July 2019.
**BWASA (2017: 11). BWASA South African Women in Leadership Census.


The demands on your time for billable hours, practice administration, partnership decision making, and other work pressures are immense.

Additionally, as a legal professional you deal with a range of people in the boardroom, including fellow partners, associates, candidate attorneys, senior counsel, the opposing counsel, and of course the clients on which you depend for work.

Would you be interested in being coached by someone who has both legal practice experience and coaching experience?

The outcome of Legal Coaching is the ability to navigating the conversations in the boardroom or in legal practice with aplomb.

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Executive Coaching Individually tailored coaching with an internationally recognised professional coach. A journey to deepen your self-awareness, develop your full potential and unlock courageous conversations.

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Improve your effectiveness as a Director

This is a group mentorship programme for board directors – on a virtual platform. The programme includes 4 group sessions every 3 weeks and in between each session participants spend time in DirectorSHIFT reflective practice.

Session Format

Governance Framework – Boardroom Case Study – Group Discussion – Reflection



  1. Preparing for the Board Meeting
  2. Navigating the relational dynamics of Board Directors
  3. Integrating your Horizontal skills (functional and technical) and Vertical skills (character)



  1. Understanding the systemic dynamics of the Boardroom
  2. Self-awareness in navigating relational dynamics in the Boardroom
  3. Practical tips for the Boardroom


  • You will accelerate your boardroom experience and your network will be expanded.

  • The ultimate outcome of this investment is an experiential action and reflective learning engagement that transforms your ability to navigate the complexities of the boardroom”.

  • The Mentorship Programme for Board Directors is an investment in your future that requires continued effort and commitment. Only those who are serious and realistic about achieving a successful boardroom career need enrol.

  • Access to preferential rates for Coaching.


R4 725Per person
  • Max number of participants: 5
  • Number of sessions: 4
  • Virtual platform
Joy-Marie Lawrence
Joy-Marie LawrenceMentor & Coach.
Joy-Marie is a Chartered Director (SA) and an internationally certified coach by ICF with board experience as Chair and Non-Executive Director in the private, public and NPO sector.

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