What we offer

As a niche boardroom coaching consultancy, Boardvisory offers different types of interventions, spanning boardroom coaching, board simulations, assessment of individual competencies, assessment of collective competencies, and more.

Boardroom Coaching

Ever wondered why some board meetings are effective and others are not? Ever considered whether the behaviour of a board director influences their decision-making abilities? Ever noticed the consequences of different individuals’ thinking and conversation styles?

Boardvisory Coaching uses non-judgmental observation and reflection to help board directors to maximise their personal and professional development – and the outcome of this experiential process is very often the transformation of boardroom dynamics.

But Boardroom Coaching is different to Executive Coaching.

It is a discrete niche, peopled by qualified professionals with experience in board governance and regulated by internationally recognised governance bodies.

Boardroom coaches must pass a knowledge assessment, be certified by a professional body, and demonstrate competence in coaching.

Board Simulations

Offered virtually or face to face, Boardvisory’s Board Simulations are practical and highly effective experiential learning sessions.

Facilitators expose board participants to realistic boardroom scenarios and guide them to make significant decisions in real time.

Participants are able to observe their decision-making and to receive in-depth developmental feedback.

This makes Board Simulations a great way to develop boardroom acumen, explore stakeholder engagement, build financial and business confidence, boost awareness of customer needs, uncover risks, and practise courageous conversations.

Women in the Boardroom

Women make up 51% of the South African population, but only 20,7% of the directors of JSE-listed companies are female. This, while Goal 5 of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (2016) refers to achieving “gender equality” and empowering “all women and girls”.

As a woman-owned business in the corporate governance space, Boardvisory advocates strongly for the inclusion of women on corporate, public, and non-profit boards. In addition, Boardvisory supports women in their journey to the boardroom by hosting workshops, coaching aspiring women directors, and mentoring women.

It is interesting to note that gender equality is shown to improve company performance; specifically, that the full and effective presence of women on boards is an important trigger for “corporate governance mechanisms able to influence value creation processes and, more specifically, firm sustainability performance.”

Interested in joining Boardvisory’s Women on Boards mentorship programme?

Curious about how to navigate boardroom conversations as a female director?

Legal Coaching

If you are a legal professional, you may have grappled with how best to prepare for, obtain and fulfil the responsibilities of a board seat.

But you also face unique pressures, including demands on your time for billable hours, practice administration, and partnership decision-making.

In addition, you deal with a range of people in the boardroom, from fellow partners and associates to opposing counsel and clients, and it is critical that you can deftly handle boardroom conversations.

The Boardvisory team, with our specialist blend of legal practice experience and coaching experience, can provide the guidance you need to overcome roadblocks and obstacles. You’ll be well equipped to navigate the ins and outs of boardroom engagements, from both legal and business perspectives.

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