Imagine the knock-on effect if board performance improved by even just 10%

As a niche boardroom coaching consultancy, Boardvisory offers various interventions and services, including boardroom coaching and mentoring, board simulations, assessment of individual competencies, and assessment of collective competencies. From one-on-one director coaching to workshops for the entire board, Boardvisory can help drive change, enhance performance and improve efficiency and effectiveness.

Boardroom Coaching

Why are some board meetings effective and others not? How does a board director’s belief system influence their decision-making? How does a board effectively navigate different individuals’ thinking and communication styles?

Boardvisory’s coaching uses non-judgmental observation and reflection to help board directors to maximise their personal and professional development. The outcome of this experiential process is very often the transformation of boardroom dynamics. Boardroom Coaching is a discrete niche, offered by qualified professionals with experience in board governance and regulated by internationally recognised governance bodies. Boardroom coaches must pass a knowledge assessment, be certified by a professional body, and demonstrate competence in coaching. Boardvisory has all this in spades, so you can be sure you are in very good hands. 

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Executive Coaching for the boardroom

Executive Directors are often the interface between the board and the organisation. Having the skills, knowledge and tools to get the most from your board is critical to its effective decision-making. Journey with a professional coach to maximise your personal and professional development, gain confidence and help your board to achieve effective decision-making. 

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Boardroom Simulation

A board simulation with Boardvisory allows you to identify developmental areas and increase your knowledge, confidence and capabilities in the boardroom. It’s a small but powerful step in your boardroom journey.

Attend a Board Simulation and receive:

  • Guidance on the boardroom process and preparation for the experience (approx. 2.5 hours)
  • An opportunity to partake in an in-depth boardroom Simulation (approx. 1.5 hours)
  • A one-on-one feedback session with a seasoned Boardroom Coach (1 hour)
  • Increased knowledge and confidence in your boardroom capabilities, awareness of developmental areas, and positive progress in your boardroom journey.

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Mentoring in the Boardroom

Joining a new board can be a daunting experience as traversing unfamiliar new terrain comes with many unexpected challenges.  It takes a while to figure out what is expected of you and how things work in this new environment.  Despite the various briefings, inductions and prior reading you may have received, it is not unusual to feel like a bit of an outsider at first. Board Director Mentoring is the answer.

At Boardvisory we offer a Board Director mentorship programme to address this critical issue.  New Board members are mentored through a proactive relationship with an experienced Boardvisory Board member who provides knowledge, advice and support. Boardvisory clients are exposed to new insights and knowledge about the workings of Boards, as well as strategies for engaging as a new Board member.  Our approach takes you on a journey to becoming a trusted, experienced Board member ready to help the next newbie who comes along.

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