Top 3 reasons to attend a Boardroom Simulation

Top 3 reasons for attending a Board Simulation

­­­­­­­­Are you curious about what happens in the boardroom, how it all works, and who plays what role? We share our top 3 reasons.

Attending a Boardvisory Board Simulation gives you the perfect opportunity to explore corporate governance and learn about (and practice) the competencies needed for Non-Executive Directors.

  • 1. It’s a risk-free way to learn

For anyone wanting to serve on a board or begin a board career, attending a board simulation is the best way to truly experience a board meeting and learn just how a boardroom works. This is why we include boardroom simulations as part of our suite of Boardvisory Board services.

A well-run boardroom simulation is invaluable as it allows aspirant boardroom leaders to be exposed to realistic boardroom scenarios, where they prepare and participate as if they are Non-Executive Directors in a boardroom setting. It’s a risk-free way to test your governance competencies and explore different “what-if” scenarios, make real-time boardroom decisions, practice boardroom skills, increase your knowledge, confidence, and capabilities in the boardroom, and learn in the most practical and effective way.

  • 2. Practice courageous conversations

Some of the interesting aspects we explore in our corporate governance and board leadership programmes is Boardroom dynamics: how the Chair manages the meeting, coupled with the leadership style of the CEO and the personalities of the Non-Executive Directors.

This can often lead to challenging dynamics at the very least – and sometimes, an explosive Board meeting! Yet, despite these dynamics and often very strong personalities, there are some things that must be said and some decisions that need to be taken. The last thing you want is to be the shrinking violet in the corner who is too afraid to say anything or express your true opinion. Why not explore this in a simulated environment to prepare yourself for a courageous conversation when in similar situations?

The Boardvisory Board Simulations have a Chair, a CEO and Board Coach present in each session to facilitate an immersive learning experience amongst Non-Executive Directors in a realistic Boardroom setting.

  • 3. Receive boardroom coaching feedback in real-time

What differentiates Boardvisory’s Board Simulation is that we offer the insights of a Board Coach who observes the interactions in the Boardroom and then provides real-time coaching insight. Our Board Coaches have both professional coaching qualifications and plenty of boardroom experience as Non-Executive Directors. What a great way to learn!

A board simulation with Boardvisory includes guidance on how to prepare for the experience; the simulation itself; and an in-depth feedback session with a Board Coach afterward, to help bring awareness to developmental areas and any positive progress made on your journey as a Non-Executive Director.  

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Written by: Joy-Marie Lawrence, Your Coach in the Boardroom 

A seasoned  Board Director,  Independent Non-Executive Board Director, and Boardroom Coach

The Founder of Boardvisory

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