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The stats speak for themselves; just over 20% of board members in South Africa are women.

But there are many passionate female leaders working hard to change that number and many resources available to help. 

Boardvisory is committed to empowering women on boards, whether seasoned board directors or just starting their boardroom journey.

This webpage is dedicated to all things related to Women on Boards and we hope you find insight and inspiration here.


Below are articles, research papers, videos of Ted talks, and other resources you may find interesting if you are a woman leader or director, or on a path towards leadership and board directorship.


  • Women on South African Boards – facts, fiction and forward-thinking
    A report by Professor Anita Bosch CLICK HERE
  • Gender Diversity in the Boardroom – A Literature Review CLICK HERE


  • Conversing curiously about gender diversity –  CLICK HERE


  • The path to the boardroom begins with hiring CLICK HERE
  • Women helping women make it to the boardroom CLICK HERE
  • The science of women’s leadership CLICK HERE
Women on the board empowering

Boardroom Coaching for Women on Boards

If you are an ambitious woman, with aspirations for great leadership roles and board seats, don’t hesitate to reach out about training, coaching, and conversations that can help prepare, empower, and develop you as a female director.

• Boardroom Coaching
• Workshops
• Open forums

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